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                           Tree Varieties Available

Canaan Fir
:  One of the most popular Christmas trees at this time.  The needles are small and soft, but the limbs are firm and capable of holding heavier Christmas ornaments.

Douglas Fir:  This tree is similar to the Canaan Fir tree.  The needles are a slightly different color, but the limbs are still firm and capable of holding heavier Christmas ornaments.

Colorado Blue Spruce:  This tree has remained popular with some families.  The color has a “blue” tint and is very eye catching.  The branches are firm and can hold heavy ornaments.  The down side is the needles are very sharp.  Families with small children sometimes prefer this tree to keep children from touching the tree. We have already cut trees available but  no cut-your-own this year

White Pine:  This tree has very long and soft needles.  The branches are very flexible and do not hold heavy ornaments well. 

Frazier Fir:  Like the Canaan Fir and Douglas Fir it has shorter, softer needles with the firmer branches for heavy ornaments.  The needles on this tree have a bluish color to the needles.